Friday, March 29, 2013

Introducing our Waste Reduction Plan

March 28  –  The Eco-Footprint Challenge Team launched their Waste Reduction Plan to the entire middle and upper school student body (grades 6 – 9) during our Spring Break Kick-Off Morning Meeting on Thursday.

We showed the students how much plastic waste we collected yesterday in just four classrooms so they could get an idea of the amount of waste we produce by our lunch boxes.
We challenged our friends to help us reduce the amount of plastic waste starting the week after we get back from Spring Break.
Mrs. Smith is going to help us create a more permanent display on plywood that will be mounted outside so all students can see.
We will put this up after Spring Break with the help of Mr. Rielley, one of the MICS parents and volunteers.
Taking a close look at what we throw away.

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